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At Evenflow Fashion they believe that shopping for clothing should be a rewarding and satisfying experience’ for every gentleman. That’s why as your professional clothier, they will guide you in your choice of fabrics and fit.

You know the difference, you feel the difference, you can see the difference. Of course quality and luxury come at a price, but if you ready to make a long-term investment in your style.

Evenflow Fashion is an excellent choice.

We wanted to create a unique shopping experience that contrasts significantly against large chain retailers by providing an atmosphere that almost feels like you are taking a step back in time. A time when custom tailoring and attention to detail were extremely important. We start by taking into consideration your career, personality, taste and style to accurately piece together a beautiful, tasteful and most importantly, useful, wardrobe.

Evenflow Fashion reflects 3 generations of fine Italian, French, and Haitian apparel experience. My late uncle Aquila Antoine, my mentor and hero, and my godfather, Reynold Frederick were the first that I have observed design and sew suits for the lower class to the most elite prestigious people and they have always treated every customer equally by making sure that everyone “Dress like they are already famous”.

They were among the most favored custom tailors for the elite nobility in Haiti. My mother, Rose Marie Foucand raised four of my step siblings by also being a seamstress. Although I wasn’t upstretched by my mother, seeing her matriculated arts make me understand the truth behind the old saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. I pledge to continue to follow their footsteps, the legacy of making sure that Evenflow Fashion is focused on designing a dream not a style.

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